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Workers’ Compensation Law

On the public entity side, we represent the County of Morris, the Township of Montclair and two large self-insured pools of municipalities and boards of education providing workers' compensation defense services.  On the private side, we have been appointed by The Hartford Insurance Company to defend workers' compensation claims brought against St. Joseph's Hospital and  Medical Center. The Workers’ Compensation Department is fully up to date with the latest technology.  The Firm subscribes to COURTS ONLINE which is an internet website run by the New Jersey Department of Workers’  Compensation.  Through this website, we are able to immediately access information pertaining to a petitioner including prior cases, dismissals, liens, etc.  Our department also utilizes “QuickComp” which is a software program on a hand-held computer (PDA) that provides and performs practically all of the calculations required in a Workers’ Compensation case.  We are also fully responsive to a client’s reporting requirements and utilize EMAIL for  immediate client contact and we have the ability to receive scanned medical records thus saving both time and money.

Our Partners Who Practice Workers’ Compensation Law